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SWING TRADE: Divis Laboratories research report by Share Market Guesstimate

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Given the current situation, pharmaceutical companies are expected to grow tremendously in the next five years. Demand for pharmaceuticals is on the rise. The swing trading stock I chose to trade today is Divis Laboratory.

The Indian pharma industry is likly to grow at 12% by 2030,(CAGR) to be 130 billion $USD in size, said by EY-FICCI vision in a report. look at the expected growth of pharmaceutical industry. Divis Laboratories is one of the leading pharma company, Divis Laboratories is the world leader in 11 out of 25 (APIs) produced. and its one of the largest API companies in the world with 780/-Million $USD in revenue and also exporting more than 95 countries.

SWING TRADE: Divis Laboratories 
 research report by Share Market Guesstimate

Let’s go straight to my swing trade strategy.

In this video, we will see about swing trading the name of the stock I took today is Divis Laboratories. The good and best-price at which I am planning to buy this Divis-stock is. 42180 after purchasing this stock, 4520 is my first target, the second Target is, 4600, the third target will be 4750. Normally. when doing safe trading I would get out of the second target maybe when the second target shows signs of rising stock I will decide to go for the third target (or) above my stop-loss will be 3995. I think I can hold this share for one month. Maybe, if my 3rd target is reached within that time. I will leave immediately, Because according to my Millionaires strategy 7 to 10 percent profit per trade is enough for me, similarly, when we take just 7 %to 10 percent profit for each transaction, our investment doubles in 10 successful transactions. I have prepared a report on Divis Laboratories, it is available for free on this site you can view and make use of it. Normally in the market, this type of (Divis) share/stock research report is sold, but now it’s free. Share this video and this site with your friends, if they are involved in the stock market, Maybe this will help them in some way. Have a look at my swing trade Idea.

NSE symbol : divis lab

BSE symbol 532488

(Divis -Lab),. belongs to the Pharmaceutical sector industry, Pharmaceutical and Bio-technology, market cap in INR.112030.4 crores, Open 4205, close 4220.20, face value To price to book value is 15.32 and the volume both in (BSE + NSE) 672K.

I have given some of my recent targets which I have also posted on my YouTube channel, ”share market guesstimate’‘ you can watch those videos and make use of it, and you can learn a lot by watching my videos at ”share market guesstimate’‘and share market research reports in this site ( I have also posted some of my stock research reports on this website ( you can also view those reports and learn a lot about the share market and fixing the targets, watching the real trading technique is more effective than learning it theoretically so by viewing this YouTube channel and the reports posted in this ‘trendsin11thhour’ website almost practical approach in buying and selling the shares. I think by viewing these reports on my YouTube channel videos you can learn practically and understand when to buy when to sell, what can be the First Target and what could be the second target, and whether we have to go on to the third target or you have to sell the stock in the second target, these types of knowledge about share-market guessing and estimating can be gained by seeing the practical buy – sell targets with stop loss. The most important thing is to know where-to-keep the stop loss, there are lots of lessons on the website but when you look at the practical stop-loss fixed for the trade you can judge (or) learn how to fix your safe stop-loss. If you learn by your-self from a good practical examples it will be very-easy for you to trade, but it’s always advisable to consult a nice (SEBI registered) financial advisor before buying and selling any stock. Remember I am not a SEBI registered advisory. I never give any buy (or)sell recommendations on my website( on my YouTube ”share market guesstimate’‘ or any other way, this report is not a buy or sell recommendation, it is just made for educational purposes only. and I don’t give any guarantee or take any profit or loss and the owner or the writer of this report article on video are in no way responsible for any of your profit or loss or decision to buy or sell. The links (in this website or on any of my other medias or others) are given here may be affiliate links and there are no buy or sell recommendations on my YouTube channel or on Telegram or on any other social media. the owner of this web-site does not involve in any kind of illegal activities. information slides videos which are used here are under the fair use policy you can share your ideas in the comment section. Thank you.

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