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SUN TV Stock research report

Suntv research report contains my buy price stop-loss, target or sell price which is divided into 3 targets with the holding period, a overview on the stock, Suntv share price , technical analysis , financial analysis, strengths,  weakness, opportunities, threats to know and more. it is only for educational purpose.

SUN TV Stock Research Report- Trends in 11th

At first lets have a Overview of Sun TV.

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The SunTV is a part of Sun Group, It is one of the major media corporations in India.


 Sun Groups as a giant in the Indian Media industry has nearly a 95Million viewers in India alone and spreading its branches with 33 Tv channels. Sun Groups Tv channel can be viewed all over the world. Sun Group has a wider reach in the media by owning 67 FM radio channels, along with the 3 daily news papers including evening news paper, and 6 well-known Magazines,

Sun Group is also involved in the DTH TV Service, with more than 16 million active subscribers and a film division by Sun Pictures, under Sun Tv network is a owning Franchise of the Sun Risers IPL Hyderabad. no other Media Groups are this much big to have a vast reach over south Indian 4 major languages, and Sun Group Channels are one of the high profit making Media group with viewers all around the world.

when I look at the above information’s I wonder if there could be a better company than this for me to invest ?

could you provide your opinion in the comment section below…..

First let me tell you why I am writing this research report on Sun TV, My first goal will always be to make a 7 to 10 % profit, but I want to make a little more profit in this share. How-much profit do you think can be made in this Sun TV share?. let me show you a past example from this share in single line.


On 1st Jan 2017 Sun TV share price was 490 and on 2nd Jan 2018 it was 1001, its a 100% growth. That means whatever invested is doubled within 1 year.

Another interesting piece of information is. On 6th May 2021 Sun TV share price was 490…. Dose the bell ringing in your head, then you are a great investor. If you are eager to achieve your financial goals please keep reading and don’t forget to check my (Share Market Guesstimate) YouTube channel.

Usually I leave with a profit of 10% on one share because I follow a Strategy of taking 7 to 10 % profit to double my investment , but I think I can keep a certain amount on this stock until it doubles. I think ! there is nothing wrong with taking a little-risk when the possibilities are high. if you have any strategy please share your ideas in the comment in section (below) or, you can also comment on my YouTube (Share Market Guesstimate) channel. because remember the story of Bulls and the Lion. We know that BULLS are always strong when they work together no lion or BARE can take them down. BULLS have the upper hand when they are together, if we BULLS trade together with a strategy we will also get the opportunity to achieve our goals.

watch this pointing, up, woman video and see how Bulls are powerful when they are together.

Now lets get back to the topic…

This is my regular target with 10 % profit per trade, entry price on 7th Jun 2021 was 523 my first target is 548, second target is 565 my third short term target is 580. to reach 10 % it may even take 12 to 28 days or it may go up to 2 months.


Based on my analysis I found have that Sun TV stock is worth investing for a long term till my investment gets double. I have guessed and estimated the time period up to 15 months.

Stock price today on 7th Jun 2021 is 523.

sun tv share price

Income Statement

Profit before tax for the Quarter has gone up to 69.90%.

SUN TV Income Statement
SUN TV Income Statement

Profit after tax is higher (487.46 Cr)

Net profit almost doubled compared to previous year profit.

Earnings per share:

Earnings per share is at (38.58) this another positive aspect. (face value of Rs.5/- each share)

(Basic and Diluted in Rs.)

ParticularsMar 2021Dec 2020Mar 2020
SunTV share EPS –

source: Sun groups website

SUNTV Earnings per share (EPS)
SUNTV Earnings per share (EPS)

Sun TV is a Low Debt company

Debt Equity of SunTV is -0.51%

Management efficiency is high as we all know about SunTV.

Return on Equity is 21.08% which is good.

One more interesting information is SunTV constitutes nearly 32.3 % of the entire media sector in India.

Debtors Turnover Ratio of SunTV is not good. (but, it’s ok for me as the company is running profitable and its serials are the most viewed in Southern parts of India.) No need to worry about the slowing pace of settling debtors.

SunTv generates 43 % profits of total Media Industry.

Sales has raised from 758 Cr (Mar-2020) to 551 Cr (Mar-2021). but

At the same time Net Sales was reduced from 3519 (Mar-2020) to 3177 (Mar-2020)

Operating Profit is also increased from 506 CR (Mar-2020) to 551 CR (Mar-2021).

Dividend Yield ratio of SunTV is 0.94%.

Price to Book Ratio is 3.30%

Since 16/06/2020 SunTV Stock prise raised from 368 to 523 as on 07/06/2021 it has gained 41% from its 52 week low.

Simple Technical Analysis for SunTV:

If we take an average by keeping all the moving averages we can decide what price to buy from it.

Moving Average 10:

SunTV share report –

According to Moving Average 10: buy price is 531.09

Moving Average 20:

SunTV share report –

According to Moving Average 20: buy price is 526.39

Moving Average 50:

SunTV share report –

According to Moving Average 50: buy price is 497.79

Moving Average 100:

SunTV share report –

According to Moving Average 100: buy price is 502.55

Moving Average 100:

SunTV share report –

According to Moving Average 200: buy price is 480.93

If we take an average by keeping all the moving averages we can decide what price to buy from it. so the buy price of all the 5 moving averages are 507.75

Did you noticed that except moving average 10 all other moving averages are Bullish in our technical analysis.

ok, now at what price we can buy this Sun TV share?

let me show how I calculate the buy price for my trading. according to our simple Moving Average calculation 507.75 is our Buy price.

after arriving the buy price of SunTV I will add 10 (its + or – 10 for 507.75). this shows that in the near future the SunTV share price is likely to come down to 517.75.

when the Suntv share price comes near to 517.75 I will buy. this is how I normally fix the buy price for my profitable swing trade.

you too can try the same for any stock, but remember we must analyse all other aspects. this is one among many methods this method will not be as perfect as is was to Sun TV.


Now lets read some news about SunTV,


Tell us your opinion on SUNTV stock swing trade as well. Please subscribe to my Share Market Guesstimate Youtube, button, website-667451.jpg thank you so much see you again.

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