Chart Of The Week Stock NBCC

Chart of the week stock NBCC

This week Chart Of The Week Stock is going to be more interesting

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video of Chart Of The Week Stock NBCC

First lets see the chart of NBCC


The above NBCC chart is from the its IPO to till date, lets have a look how the stock reacts in in the past till date.


In the above chart I have included Volume of the stock, can you see any different, yes volume is increasing continuously, this shows that the share is going to give a good up side in the near future. can we use it to take 10 % profit ? please tell your comments.

Financially this stock is not tat much strong, but technically its ok to take 10 % profit in the near future.

Lets see some positive aspects of this stock.

NBCC is a company with no Debt

NBCC company promoters have no pledge over the shares.

NBCC stock has reached a new 52 week high. its a high and fast recovery from its 52 week low price.

This stock is trading with a high volume for a good number of days.

Let’s see some negative aspects of this stock.

Nearly about 2 years NBCC book value per share is not in a good position.

Its Net profit TTM is growing but its Annual net profit is declining for the past 2 years.

Operational cash flow is low for the past 2 years.

Return on Assets ratio is having a negative growth fro the last 2 years. this shows the Net income towards the total income is not in a good state.

Most of the Mutual Funds decreased their shareholding in the past quarter.

Chart Of The Week Stock NBCC
Chart Of The Week Stock NBCC
Chart Of The Week Stock NBCC
Chart Of The Week Stock NBCC

this is how I guesstimate my swing trating stock. please share your opinion. Thankyou.

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